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With the help of your therapist, negative unconscious and self-limiting beliefs are replaced with positive ones called suggestions in order to free you from stuck feelings, thoughts and behaviours.

The positive outcomes of hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy acknowledges the power of belief and also the relationship between the mind and the body.  The deep relaxation experienced through hypnotherapy makes the central nervous system passive and so allows the autonomic nervous system to carry out its function of regulating the internal organs of the body. Scientists have become increasingly aware of how our thoughts affect our bodies as well as our emotions, discovering how thoughts release chemicals in much more subtle and profound ways than simply during a stress response. As such, changing our thoughts and beliefs can have a far greater impact on our lives than we used to imagine possible.

What are some of the goals which hypnotherapy can help me to achieve? 


  • A sense of calm, relaxation and freedom from anxiety

  • Increased creativity, inventiveness and stronger problem solving abilities

  • A robust sense of self-worth and kindness towards self.

  • Energising sleep patterns

  • Enjoyment of exercise (or sporting success)

  • Your ideal bodyweight

  • Overcoming phobias (eg of dentists; flying; lifts; spiders…….anything at all)

  • Self-confidence (eg voicing opinions, needs and feelings within the context of work or relationships; public speaking; exam success)

  • Positivity and optimism

  • Organisation and efficiency

  • A sense of purpose, direction and self-understanding

  • Cessation of any unwanted habits or limiting beliefs, and a feeling of greater control

  • Job done with regards to those tasks you’ve been putting off

  • Any new pattern of behaviour or thought which is good for you

Hypnotherapy is known for its 'butterfly effect', meaning that very often when one problem is treated there can be many other positive outcomes too.

How does hypnotherapy work?


The power of hypnosis lies in the connection which is made with the unconscious mind. When our conscious thinking slows down and we move from a wakeful beta state to an alpha and then theta state of consciousness, suggestions for change and achieving desired outcomes can be given and accepted by our unconscious mind. 


Past experiences and recurring thought patterns can be reframed and processed in ways which mean they lose their negative hold or power.  Where someone is feeling ‘stuck’ or not fully in conscious control of their feelings, thoughts or behaviours, hypnotherapy can help them to make the change which they want by bringing the conscious and unconscious minds into healthy alignment.

How do our thoughts and our emotions affect our health?

What our mind believes, our body will follow. Neuroscientists have discovered that each of our emotions has its chemical equivalent, called neuropeptides and neuroreceptors. This biomolecular basis for our emotions has established the crucial link between mind and body, and offers a new scientific understanding about the power of our minds and our feelings to affect our health and wellbeing.


Unprocessed emotions created by past experiences are stored in the body at a biomolecular level affecting the body's ability to regulate and renew itself. By accessing, expressing and processing these emotions through hypnotherapy, and by changing at an unconscious level the thoughts which create and sustain them, we can bring about balance and renewal within our physical bodies as well as our minds. 

What happens in a session?


Hypnotherapy involves helping you to enter a deeply relaxed and comfortable state where you can access your unconscious mind which holds the 'blueprint' for your conscious thoughts, beliefs and behaviours. 

But before that, I listen carefully to understand the reason for the session and together we identify clearly the positive outcomes which we will work towards.


Once I understand your goals and we have a sense of what might be holding you back from achieving them, I will ask you to describe a special place, either real or imaginary, where you feel comfortable and relaxed. We will then use this special place in your imagination as your first induction into trance.

What is meant by trance?


Hypnotherapy involves relaxing into a comfortable state called trance. We do not enter trance in a linear fashion but rather with the ebb and flow of a wave.


Trance is a focusing of attention and it’s what we do when we are engrossed in daydreaming, reading a book or watching a film. Though we are ‘lost’ in the activity, we can snap out of it at any time we choose as we still maintain awareness of what is going on around us.

This is the case with therapeutic hypnotherapy. The client remains fully in control, is always aware of what is going on, and can remember everything which is said and done during treatment. When we are in trance, our unconscious mind will take on board only positive new suggestions which are in keeping with our personal values.

What problems can hypnotherapy address?


Hypnotherapy is used for issues such as low mood, anxiety, panic attacks, difficulties in relaxing or switching off from work, dealing with unwanted habits, fears and phobias, weight control, smoking cessation, exam and work-related stress, and low self-confidence.


It is instrumental in creating a more compassionate relationship with oneself while helping to identify and then modify our limiting beliefs and self-imposed constraints.


It is used for all kinds of trauma recovery, both where the trauma has been prolonged and ongoing, for example mental and emotional abuse, and where it is connected to a single disturbing event, for example a car crash.

The Truth About Hypnotherapy

“If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place” Lao-Tzu

Willpower is generated by the unconscious part of our minds, and it is for this reason that hypnotherapy is recognised as a powerful tool for change. By working directly with your unconscious as well as conscious mind, a skilled hypnotherapist can help give you the boost of motivation, self-confidence and willpower you require to achieve your most life-enhancing resolutions for 2021.

Many people’s first understanding of hypnotherapy is from what they’ve seen on TV. The more unscrupulous the showman, the more entertaining the act. But please be reassured.

Stage hypnotherapy is to clinical hypnotherapy what darts is to acupuncture!  So you can let go of any fears you may have that you would lose control of the process. In fact, clinical hypnotherapy is all about putting you in the driving seat. You set the destination, rather like tapping it into a sat nav, and your therapist helps you to get there. It’s an especially terrific feeling when you arrive because as well as having what you want, you will have learnings along the way which massively upskill you for your next venture.

While strengthening your motivation and willpower, simple techniques in hypnotherapy can help us to identify and clear away any obstacles to your success. That’s when positive thoughts, feelings and experiences will flow most easily into your life. Please do get in touch if you’re curious to know more.

It’s about deep lasting change within, freeing you from what’s been holding you back, and bringing more of what you want into your life…

Together we will make a difference

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