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Counselling helps in response to life events which involve losing something significant, for example the breakup of a relationship, a bereavement, the loss of a job or home. It also helps in response to situations or demands which are new or which sometimes feel overwhelming.

These are some of the circumstances when many people find counselling helpful:

Shortly before, during or after a significant life event such as a change in career, moving house, marriage, divorce, the end of any significant relationship or the birth of a child; following a bereavement, loss of a job or a home; serious or prolonged ill health; work pressures and pressures from family or friends; workplace bullying; when making an important decision of any kind or experiencing difficulty within a relationship where it is necessary to develop new ways of relating to other people

What sort of counselling do your offer? 

My core belief is that the solutions to our problems are within us, but sometimes we struggle to find them because strong feelings can get in the way.  Habitual ways of thinking and behaving which are no longer helpful to us can confuse us or keep us from moving forward.


The style of counselling which I offer alters to suit each of my clients' individual needs and preferences. Always it is a completely confidential safe space for you to express and examine thoughts and feelings so as to gain fresh insights and skills, while gently processing and letting go of whatever is not helpful to you.


What are the aims of counselling?

Counselling supports the process of grieving following loss and enables someone to deal most effectively with changes in their life. As the therapist helps his or her client to adapt to new circumstances, they find that they are increasingly able to plan and make the best next steps.

Counselling helps someone to find out what is best for them, and supports them in letting go, moving on, and dealing differently with the things which trouble them. 

The particular aims of each session are up to you and it could be that some of the first steps are to find out what it is that you truly do and do not want  in your future life.. 

What else can counselling help me with?

Counselling is also useful for reflecting on past events and behaviours and then finding practical solutions for existing problems or difficulties...You could choose for example to focus on developing  communication techniques which better serve your intentions when expressing your needs or opinions to others either at work or at home

It’s about processing difficult feelings, navigating through life’s challenges, and finding what is right for you going forward…

Together we will make a difference

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